I would like to welcome you to the new website for our CLONE KING Aeroponic cloning machines. Our goal at CLONE KING is to offer anyone cloning plants  a  simple, affordable, top of the line aeroponic system coupled with over the top customer service for success unmatched by other aeroponic systems for sale.  The advantages of cloning plants from cuttings are numerous. It is simple,very fast, and provides consistent 100% success rates. You get identical genetic copies of the “mother plant” you clone from. Many of the aeroponic cloner problems you will find in other machines has been eliminated with the CLONE KING. The CLONE KING will not leak and you will have no problems with overheating which is a huge problem with our competition. Also, without the use of a growth medium or dirt bug and other pest infestations  are basically eliminated . With your CLONE KING aeroponic cloner you will get detailed instructions for cloning plants step by step to insure your success. By keeping our quality high and our prices low I really believe this is the best aeroponic system you will find.
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  1. Thank you James, I would have to say this has been the most pleasant experience shopping with your online store. I ordered 2 of the 25 clone kings on Monday afternoon and they arrived in 2 days and not the 5-7 days I expected. When the UPS delivered it I opened it up and found everything and assembled it easily in 5 minutes.TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Now I see the simplicity of it all. I have already taken 5 fig tree cuttings and 10 honey suckle cuttings, I followed the instructions to a T. I expected them to be tilted by this morning, well guess again. All 15 cuttings are standing up tall and looking stellar.

    Thank You James and Thank you for the great information and suggestions you offered me in our phone conversation. I will keep you posted on the plants progress.


  2. You guys are fantastic. I ordered my machine on Sunday and it is up and running and its Wednesday afternoon. Your spray pattern is superior and the simplicity of your design is impressive. I know this will work every bit as well as the expensive models. This is going to make a big difference.

  3. Excellent customer service. The unit itself is a great machine, and does what they say it does. We have had almost 100% success. If you are pondering buying this machine, I would say definitely yes.

  4. I set mine up and started 25 clones. Within 10 days, 2/3’s had rooted so I potted those with strong roots and waited another 5 days before peeking again; only 1 out of 25 did not root. 2 others didn’t get strong roots so I pitched them too. So, 22 out of 25 on my first try were successful!!! I have to say I will make it a point to share my joy with others and urge them to buy one. I really, really like your product!

  5. I was surprised at the cost of this cloning unit — but in spite of my concern I had to try one. It arrived promptly and in tact. The unit is simplicity itself and most important: IT WORKS!

    Great product, great price!

  6. Your 36 clone king is freaking awesome, love it. I’ve used it twice and had 99% success with it.

  7. Simply the best purchase I have ever made for my grow set up. Amazing machine 100% success rates right out of the box and very simple to use.

  8. Really amazing for the price! I have 2 ez clone machines and these are so much better made and so much cheaper. Highly recommended!!

  9. This i without a doubt the best purchase I have ever made for my grow room. Always had trouble keeping enough clones around to fill my room. Now I have no trouble! Every single clone I put in the machine is full of roots and ready to transplant in 10 days!
    Thank you CLONE KING!

  10. This thing works amazing! Not only did I put some existing herb cuttings and they rooted, but I took some packing foam I had laying around (softer and more porous than the neoprene plugs), cut to shape, cut a slit and placed seeds inside, then inserted into the Clone King. Now I have seedlings with roots, stems, and leaves. Plan on pretty much growing herbs and vegetables until it warms up in a few months, then transplant into the garden. It worked with tomatoes, zucchinis, eggplant, basil, etc. Amazing! This simple setup offers a lot more than just cloning.

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