The Clone King 64 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine

The Clone King 64 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine

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The Clone King 64 Site Cloning Machine Utilizes An Aeroponic Cloning Method To Make Successful Cloning Quick And Easy.


The Clone King 64 Site Cloning Machine Utilizes An Aeroponic Cloning Method To Make Successful Cloning Quick And Easy. Plant Cuttings Are Suspended In Mid-Air Where They Are Sprayed Constantly By A Highly-Oxygenated Aeroponic Mist. Roots Will Start To Appear In As Little As 3-5 Days For Most Varieties. Hardwood Cuttings Will Take Longer. Aeroponic Cloning Provides A Cheap And Effective Way To Clone All Of Your Favorite Plant Varieties. The Clone King 64 Will Make You An Expert Cloner From Your First Cutting.

With The Clone King 64 you get everything you need to start cloning immediately.

Included are:

  • 1 – ViaAqua 306 Submersible Pump (528gph)
  • 1 – Spay Manifold with 25 Individual Misting Spray Heads (extra misters included)
  • 1 – Reservoir 18 x 18 x 15 (Color May Vary)
  • 1 – White Plastic Top 1/2 Inch Thick With 64 Precut Holes
  • 128 – 1/2 Inch Thick, 1.69 Inch Diameter High Quality Neoprene Inserts
  • Includes detailed easy to follow instructions on how to clone plants

We use the highest quality parts available to insure a long lasting successful product.

With our manifold and pump combination our spray coverage is unmatched you need to add nothing but water, your cuttings and light. Our system is totally organic, add no synthetic hormones, nutrients, or compounds.

Everyone will become a successful cloner on their first try!


  • Take your cloner out of the box and assemble it. Assembly will take less then 5 minutes.
  • Fill the reservoir with water. The reservoir holds about 4 – 5 gallons of water when The Clone King is operating.
  • Take a cutting from your favorite plant.
  • Place the cutting inside a neoprene insert.
  • Place your insert and cutting in the machine.
  • Plug The Clone King in and your done.

Ease of Use:

We can not emphasize enough how easy this machine is to use. Anyone can be successful by following a few simple directions. Cloning your favorite plant is a snap. Even if you have absolutely no cloning experience at all you can have your Clone King 64 set up and running within 30 minutes. A 100% success rate is the norm when cloning with The Clone King 64. This is a time tested design that has had fantastic success with a multitude of plant species and varieties. Expect plants to root in half the time of a conventional system without the problem of wilting or the trouble of a humidity dome. The Clone King 64 creates explosive root development which will aid in all phases of your plants life producing greater vigor and yield. In as little as 3 days you will see tiny root bumps coming off of your cutting. In 5-7 days roots are formed and expanding rapidly. At the 10-14 day mark your newly rooted plants are ready to transplant into whatever growing medium you prefer. Your new clones will perform great in dirt, a hydroponic or aeroponic grow system as they move to the vegetative growth stage. The Clone King 64 can easily adjust to root anywhere from 1 to 25 cuttings. Do not be fooled by over priced cloning machines. This machine will work as well if not better than anything on the market at half of the price. The Clone King 64 is unmatched in its simplicity, quality and success rate.

Humidity Domes

I have produced clones to make a living for 20 years. I have done countless tests and trials on literally 1000’s of plant cuttings. A Humidity dome should NOT BE USED with an aeroponic cloning machine under any circumstances. Humidity domes can reduce your success rates by 15% – 20%.

2 reviews for The Clone King 64 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This thing works great out performs my 60 site easy cloner about 7 to 10 days faster save your money and buy this product detroit Mi

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eleet Doja

    Best aerocloning unit on the market. Absolutely superior to easy clone, or any other higher priced brand. Service is also second to none!! I definitely recommend Clone King.

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