Humidity Domes Kill Your Clones!

We have produced clones to make a living for 20 years. I have done countless tests and trials on literally 1000’s of plant cuttings. A Humidity dome should NOT BE USED with an aeroponic cloning machine under any circumstances. Humidity domes can reduce your success rates by 15% – 20% !

If you ever have any questions or concerns please contact us immediately I am sure we can help. We expect you to have 100% success rates and be using our machine in 5 years without spending another penny to clone!

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  1. best clone machine

    • How exactly is humidity bad for clones? from my understanding because there are no roots to take in water and nutes, the cutting gets it’s water from pores in the leaves called stomas. In this case, the higher the humidity the better; so could you please actually explain further your position? I’m inclined to refute it.

      • Hello,
        No refuting. My first question would be why use a humidity dome? The answer is because of the “old style cloning”. In the old method you take a cutting and place it in a rockwool cube or peat pellet. The cutting has no way to absorb water at this point so you spray it constantly or you place in it a super high humidity environment to absorb moisture through the stomas. This is fine and works alright with limited success but by no means is ideal. When you start using an aeroponic cloner you must leave all of your ideas from the old style of cloning behind, everything you thought you knew is no good here, this is nothing like the old style.
        So why don’t you use a dome with an aeroponic cloner? First with an aero cloner your cuttings are not absorbing moisture through their leaves. The stem hangs suspended in mid-air and is sprayed constantly by sprayers, that is how moisture is absorbed. You will be shocked at how much water the cuttings take in with no roots just through the stem. Works great even in a zero humidity environment with no wilting or drying out… ever. Why is the dome bad? Check the net, the bigget problem anyone will ever have with an aeroponic cloner is too much heat. If the water temp goes over 85 degrees the stem of the cutting will turn to slim and the cutting is no good. With a pump in the water putting off heat this is something that needs watched. We use the best pumps available so this should not be an issue in our cloners. If you put a dome on the machine it shoots the temperature of the water way too high, No way for the heat to go away it is basically trapped in the dome. Also the high humidity environment is a great place for mold fungus whatever to start growing but the temperature raise is the biggest problem and the fact the dome serves no purpose in this application. You use no hormones ever just plain tap water and you will get 100% succesful clones EVERY SINGLE TIME! Just for reference search for cloners on amazon, any cloner sold on the amazon site, and there are quite a few, mine is the highest rated by customers not even close better then turvo klone, ez clone, botanicare, better then anyone. Go to ebay I have 6000 customer feedbacks, my product is loved. Been cloning this way for 30 years and it is just the best way to clone and my machine is the best available. Customers say so what else is there?
        Hope that helps.
        James Harrigan

  2. I believe yours to be the best as all the sites refer to it as the best. You tube videos on your product shows fantastic results to. Cant wait to get one

  3. hi!,
    I like your machine so much! Thank you for your communication, more importantly your help getting started. Done approximately 300 clones now and everyone has rooted. Thank you for your vast cloning knowledge and for offering a great machine at half the price of any of your competition. I required an expert in cloning and I found one. Looking ahead I will absolutely be back to buy more.
    Thank you,
    vicenter adecki

  4. I received my package very quickly and I was very happy with the product and the packaging. It was easy for me to assemble, I am not usually good with reading directions, but they were easy to read and understand. The Clone King is working great and I am extremely happy with it. They even included extra parts and some cups for transplanting. 🙂

  5. I have a 64 and I’d like to complain. I had a clone not make it once. Therefore this is false advertising. I want my money back. Lol It was a nearly “woody” top… this=less than ideal chances tree begin with…. it lived in that cloner for months tho lol. Good product. I can’t claim to have run thousands of clones through mine but it has a NEARLY one hundred percent success rate forme. Watch your water temp and expect succes.

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